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A >>new<< way to share

Music, Videos, Photos and other media. Sharing is easy!

What Yuuby is?

- Yuuby as You Bee - It's the best way to explore friendships and discover people beyond the boundary of your social network! Through an scable interface you may easily share any content on the web and discuss it with people having the same interests than you.

- Buzz what you want! - Look for music, videos, photos, notes or news over the web? It's easy, just go to, find what you are interested for and share it with friends.

About the design

Your profile and every pages are designed to give you an instant access to all of your information such as music, videos, photos and friends news. All buttons above photo mosaics allow you to manage your account preferences or to send messages and Buzz to your friends. Moreover, when you click a music or video, a media player starts, you may minimize it and continue browsing.

Share social media

Want to share media content? Thanks to license from iTunes, SoundCloud, Youtube, Flickr, Wikipedia and Google News, you may search for music, photos, videos, notes and news over the web without navigating from Yuuby. Once you find something you like, share it on Yuuby and let your friends know more about what you like.

More videos

When you find an interesting video on the web, use our share tool or copy-paste the link to share with friends. You may insert videos from Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, Myspace, MTV, Universal Music, Buzznet, Megavideo, Google, flickr video, Hulu, Wat, Videojug, Ebaumsworld, Videobb, Livevideo, Break, Metacafe, Veoh, Photobucket and more.

Quick profile view

One click to the profile picture of your friends in the top bar and get quick news from friends without navigating from the page. This IDBox will provide you quick access to account information, including status, friends and last photo albums.

Yuuby Places

When you post or Buzz on Yuuby, tell your friends where you are! To do that, just click geolocation button at the top bar and let your browser give your location. Only friends will view your location. More than 3 billion locations are available including bar, restaurant, stadium and several other places in 42 countries.

Around the world

Yuuby is available in 64 languages open for better translations, including several right-to-left languages. As more folks volunteer, the translation suggestions should accumulate faster and will make Yuuby available in many languages. You could have a significant impact, helping thousands of people in your country to use Yuuby. Not a translator? You can just vote on translations. Go to and start translating now!

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