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About me
Hi, my name's Julie W. Tran and I am a writer. Writing is more of a passion of mine. I'm now 45 and have a family. We have beautiful children as well as an amazing husband, and we have decided to buy an animal companion. It should be walked every day, not just once , but at a minimum twice each day. We also get together as a family on weekends and evenings to hang out and play games. Puzzles are our most loved. It's something we're completely devoted to. I found it has some great riddles.
I've always been a writer since I was a kid. What kind of a copywriter am i... I was rewriting when I was five years old, when I was coloring the first illustrations of my personal favorite fairy tale written by Andersen, redrawing The Little Mermaid in a coloring book. When I was seven I was retelling my very first Reading and Natural History lesson. At age 10, I started revising stories I had read in an adult women’s magazine to my classmates.
Then a continual revision: high school does not take for granted the validity of his opinions, and universities will learn and then reiterate the ideas of the professor, not necessarily his work - only the boss is right, subordinates are doomed to silence ... I changed jobs - and was unable to prove their legitimacy. I voted "yes" but never dared to declare "no". Obeyant, rebellious and submissive. Dissident. Not agreeing without apologies, speaking without thinking. What kind of copywriter am I? What's the deal? Advertising my words or others' thoughts? Anything is possible . Paper can be used to hold it. possibly no one can see or even read it. Think about what? What are the subjects that are not allowed? How do I know? The way I was taught throughout my life, logic is right, or in relation to what you want,... You should also think according to the axioms of materialization of thought. To write, to repeat, to speak, to shout, as one is taught.
Copywrite - To order information about the work you're paid for. Then, you look at what you see, see what's in the frame, and hear the sound of the horn, not hearing the neighbor in the commode. Is Copywriting possible? Are thoughts, ideas, words being translated into individuality and into your own text or into your daily life? In what instances did my thoughts acquire an identity that was their own? As I listened to my parents' moralizing, or my mother-in law's criticisms? The husband's unanswered questions or rants that had no dialogue, meaningless blah blah blah... Or when I was a withdrawn child and hid under a blanket and hiding from reality. The stories told about people who lived in the sky , surrounded by tiny stars and could fly. Or perhaps when she wrote poems (trivially dedicated to love), for sure they were written by a lot of people who do not hesitate to express their feelings and views on reality.
Daylight is cruel. It limits the possibilities. Yesterday has passed away, tomorrow will not. and today isn't the future. However, if you close your eyes you can see and materialize every moment, every thought, the frankest desires! I'm a copywriter! Copywriter in my dreams? If I think , and not think what I'm allowed to think, I see. I can't comprehend what I see in electronic images. I imagine living a life that's not been or will never be. A brief and vivid existence: five, six seven... How many hours today? What is it about life that makes it seem like it can take so much time? A good calculation is more important than free-flowing creativity. Author. It's time to begin writing now.
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