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Shrub Drinks
What Is A Shrub Beverage?

I'm always fascinated by how cocktails obtain their names-- as well as after surfing my fair share of bar food selections, there is one term specifically I have actually always contemplated: the shrub. What makes a beverage a shrub? And exactly how did this word, which I associate with a well-groomed garden, come to be associated with cocktails?

" Shrub" is really the name of two various alcohol-related refreshments, and also vinegar plays a quite huge role in this beverage's history. One kind is a fruit liqueur that was particularly popular in 17th century England, made with rum or brandy, sugar, fruit as well as citrus juice-- though vinegar was utilized as opposed to citrus to maintain berries in the off-season. This liqueur would certainly then be combined with flat or carbonated water to develop a cocktail. The various other kind of shrub is a sweetened vinegar-based syrup that can be used to make a beverage-- this is also called "drinking vinegar," and is usually instilled with fruit juice, natural herbs as well as flavors.

The history of words "shrub" originates from the Arabic sharbah, which means "a beverage," though "sherbet" and "syrup also come from this root. Do I notice a theme? Shrubs stretch back to the Babylonians, who combined day vinegar into water to make it safe to consume, and the Romans, who developed posca from combining vinegar as well as water.
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