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Meir Ezra: Indecision and Inaction
Right now, you can make a decision or take an action that will make you prosperous and proud. However, if you find it hard to make decisions or take action, you miss the opportunity.

Indecision costs companies millions when they fail to decide or fail to act. An opportunity comes and goes while management sits on its hands. For example, IBM could have controlled the personal computer market if it had acted on Bill Gates' offer to handle their computer operating software for them. Barnes and Noble was the world's biggest bookseller until took over. By the time Barnes and Noble started selling books on the Internet, had taken the number one spot.

When you as an individual fail to make a decision or fail to act, you can also ruin your success or happiness. For example, you could have started a business when you were in your twenties. You could have formed a Meir Ezra partnership with a very successful person. You could have made better decisions regarding your ex-spouse.

You have probably seen big opportunities, knew they were big opportunities, and failed to act on them Entrepreneur.

In fact, you probably have one or more opportunities in front of you now. So what makes you hesitate?

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