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The Importance Of Keeping Your House Painted
What is the most important thing to maintain your home's paint? What are the advantages of a professional painting job? How often should you have your home painted? What's the best way to go in maintaining Exterior house painting with an exact colour scheme? These are just a few of the many questions we are asked everyday by Bay Area home owners in need of painting their house.

The value of painting your home's exterior or inside will always increase, regardless of whether you're looking to boost the curb appeal in selling or simply to enhance the appearance of your home over time. In this post, we'll go over the most often asked questions.

When should you paint your house in the San Francisco Bay Area

Because they know that paint can last longer than is necessary be, other Exterior house painting contractors might suggest painting your house more frequently than we do. Since we apply the paint to the correct thickness as recommended by manufacturers that is your exterior and interior paint is much more durable and can withstand elements, such as UV light, frost, rain, and other weather extremes. Check out our site for more info.

For any type of home We're proud to employ top-quality paints. They provide a thicker and longer-lasting shield from the elements. We provide a 7-year guarantee for all painting jobs. This will help you save money over the long haul.

What kind of damage does weather cause My Home's Paint?

During the consultation, which includes a free estimate of about 60 minutes, we will be asking you a variety of questions about how crucial it is to keep your house painted.

What colors are you most fond of?

What are your top concerns about the project?

What are we able to do to ensure you're happy in the final?

The answers you provide to these questions along with what we notice in the accounting of painting or priming and preparing for painting, can help us to better understand what needs to be accomplished and how we can do it to give you ultimate satisfaction.

Advantages to Keeping Your House's Paint New

A high-quality paint job can last for a long time, which means it will require less maintenance on your home's exterior, and also savings over having to have it painted more often. A striking color scheme will increase the worth of your house and make it easier to attract prospective buyers. Additionally, fresh paint can make your home look like new, regardless of how old it may be or how many years you've lived there.

To receive a no-obligation, no-cost estimate, please call us today

Find out more about how crucial it is to maintain your home painted by taking advantage our no-obligation estimate. We'll talk about the tested process we use and the reason we provide a seven year warranty, and introduce the AR Professional Interior House painting.

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