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Meir Ezra: What Is Exchange In Abundance?
You will learn at The Genius Tour there are four kinds of exchange. Exchange in Abundance is one of them and is the most important. Exchange In Abundance is behind all success. It simply means when someone buys your offer you give them more than what they paid for.

Come to event and you will learn more about this principle and many others that will help you in your business. So how does Meir Ezra and The Genius Tour deliver Exchange In Abundance?

1. You are paid the entry fee of $99 for every person you bring.

2. You become an instant partner in the business model of Guaranteed Prosperity which is the parent for The Genius Tour. This is significant and I will explain in more detail when we meet at an upcoming event.

3. If you bring 2 people you will receive one month free of the upcoming 171 Ways To Market Your Business With Little or No Money. This is a monthly webinar that has already sold for $300 per month. Bring 8 people and get the entire program for free for one year.

The Most Value Comes From What You Will Learn

The Genius Tour with Meir Ezra is unlike any other event or seminar you have ever attended because it will expand your knowledge in way that you have likely never experienced.

Success starts with a success viewpoint. What is a success viewpoint? It is much more than you imagine.
Why is this important? Simply stated you will understand the following powerful statement:

“If you follow the processes – you cannot fail” Meir Ezra

That is the phrase that first caught my attention and from the work I have done with Meir , I know it is true for me. Come to the event and discover how that is true for you. More:
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