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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - Benefits of Ecovery
You may be wondering how ecovery and using work as a therapeutic tool benefits you. Click on the links below to discover why ecovery helps you "Return to Wellness."


As part of your workers’ compensation claim, you may be entitled to indemnity (wage) benefits. The amount of these benefits is based on regulations made by your state. Some of the things that people don’t consider when they are out of work are that they are not paying income taxes on their wage benefits, as they are not considered income. Not paying taxes sounds like a great thing at first, but consider this, you may end up owing income tax at the end of the year because you are not paying in, you may not be approved for certain loans because your income is decreased significantly. Some loans look at the prior two years of income tax returns to make decisions on credit. You are also not paying in to Social Security which reduces the amount that you will be entitled to when you are at retirement age.


While out on total disability, you are missing opportunities for training, education, and skill sharpening that your coworkers are receiving. Your checks from the insurance carrier will never increase. If you’re at work, you have the opportunity for salary or wage increases as well as possible company bonuses. Imagine what you earned 5 years ago. Now, try to cover today’s bills with that amount. That is what life would be like if you remain on workers’ compensation disability benefits. Imagine receiving 2/3 of what you earned in 2006, but in the year 2014.


We live in a world where we identify ourselves with what we do, what our job title is, who our employer is and how much we earn per year. We understand that when you become injured at work and you become totally disabled because of it, it has an impact on your self-esteem, self-worth and your security. Returning to work in a modified duty capacity allows you to get out of the house, help you avoid becoming depressed, and keeps you in physical and mental shape. Although you may sometimes gripe about your co-workers, interacting with others that share the same work as you is important. They are the only people who can truly understand what your job requires and why it is important. An employer who is willing to work with you is giving you more than a job or a paycheck; they are restoring that confidence, sense of worth and security. These elements cannot be valued in the form of dollars, just ask anyone who has recovered from a work injury.


The physical benefits of returning to work are many. When you are out of work for an extended period of time, you begin to become de-conditioned. You know when you have not lifted weights for a while and you return to the gym after a few months off, that you are not where you were three months ago. The same goes for work. A recent study of 632 workers with back or arm muscle strain/sprain injuries experienced a better health status and fewer work limitations than workers who did not return to work.

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