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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - For Medical Providers
It is essential that all parties involved in a workers’ compensation claim—the employer, injured worker, nurse case manager, insurance carrier and medical provider—share a strong commitment to restoring the injured worker to wellness and productivity. Your cooperation and support will help to achieve positive outcomes for all parties involved.

What is ecovery?

ecovery is Eastern’s innovative, holistic program to help return injured workers back to wellness and productivity by using work as a therapeutic tool. This section will provide you with the documents you need to assist an injured worker in their return to wellness journey.

How does it benefit the injured worker?

Programs that use work as therapy ("return to work,” or RTW, programs) have been demonstrated to help injured workers recover up to 3 times faster1, 2. The sooner a worker is placed on modified duty, the sooner he or she returns to work.

Andersen, L. P., Kines, P., & Hasle, P. (2007). Owner attitudes and self reported behavior towards modified work after occupational injury absence in small enterprises: a qualitative study. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 17, 107-121.

Shaw, L, Domanski, S., Freeman, A., & Hoffele, C. (2008). An investigation of a workplace-based return-to-work program for shoulder injuries. Work, 30(3), 267-275.

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