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Visit Tho Chu island
Tho Chu archipelago is an archipelago located in the extreme southwest of the country, covering an area of ​​over 16 km2 including 8 large and small islands: Tho Chu island, Tu island, Cao Cat island, Nhan island, Hon island, Green island, Hon island. Cai Ban and Da Bac island in Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, Vietnam. In particular, the island is about 14 km2 and does not require a visa which can apply through to visit Vietnam. Tho Chu is close to the international maritime route, a very important sea transport route. Like the other islands, in Tho Chu the most familiar image is the boat, boat fluttering wave, far away are the fishing boats are returning, the sea gulls are blowing themselves in the wind, The white water ball, white sand, smooth blue sea, cool, surrounded by mountain ranges, the casuarinas murmured in the wind is the salty screen of the sea, sand barrier dust for the people of this place.

Lac on the beach stretched, the foot felt the softness of the sand, long encountered the shells are both beautiful and colorful, feel the warmth that brings the sea breeze brought through each hair. , penetrate deep into the pores, hear the waves whispering as whisper whispering talk to sand bound not attached, or apply the shell to the ear to hear more whisper of the sea, you will see our mind is still strange, peaceful space to the heart. Tho Chu fish port is a place where boat trips are crowded; large boats are docked for fish and brought back to Phu Quoc or taken to other provinces for sale; Some fish are caught and processed on the island and taken to the mainland. At Tho Chu, there are only five primary and six lower secondary schools, with over 500 households with a population of more than 2,000. Some households fishing at sea and carry their children to school by boat.
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