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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review - Why it is important to have a proper art decoration in your home
A house without art seems unusual these days because adding art pieces can provide more good energy and beauty. But as the excitement in putting decorations in their home rises, some people absent-mindedly make some mistakes. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants does not blame you for being too happy in placing art for your home that you forgot to avoid some common mistakes. On the following paragraphs, you will be provided with some basic information in conducting a proper art decoration.

If you have a plan to put an art piece too high, you should think about it twice because some people don’t appreciate the thought of it. You must first know the proper and right hanging height of an artwork to the wall of your house so that you can determine where to put it properly to balance the appearance of the piece to the space of the wall.

Make sure of the proper scaling at all times. Don’t put a very small piece on a larger space and likewise for a big artwork in a smaller space. For small artwork, you can put them on the bigger mat or thicker frame to balance its size to larger walls. But if it is your purpose to make your design out of scale, then ensure that every element in that room is out of scale as well to make it look intentional.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to create a wall collage, see to it that the result will be worth it. Don’t just randomly drill holes on your wall to put different artworks. Know the feeling that it will give to your visitors and if its end result will really look good. Make sure that the collage will add beauty and positive energy to your home.

Putting different varieties can also be the case in decorating your home. You can organize different canvases and framed arts on various areas in your house, hang tapestries or pin up quilts. Widen your search in finding art pieces, not just those that can be hung on the wall, and Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants can help you in such regard.

There’s this specific that is called negative space or blank spots in your house. Not every space in your house needs an art piece because it can be just as impactful if properly executed. This can result in a certain feeling of calmness and make other designs in a room look more overwhelming. In order to create less hectic spaces, consider making blank spots on purpose. “Too much everything in life isn’t good.” And too much art is also not good for your home décor.

Connect each piece to one another and make sure to layer your decorations to create a sophisticated design to a room. Don’t forget to also secure each hanged art piece and never support it with only one nail, but choose the proper hanging tools and hardware.

As mentioned before, putting artwork on walls is not your only option. Have a different form of art in your house where you can put them at the back of your couch or at the top of a dresser. To get more expert advice, follow Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants’ blog posts or get in touch with Devin today.

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