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Airbnb Rental Insurance
Airbnb offers Host Protection Insurance which protects Airbnb hosts and even property owners around the world. It mainly focuses on protecting the host and/or landlord against responsibility when insurance claims are brought by third parties, such as a neighbor and including guests that stay at the location. Protection runs up to $1 million USD per occurrence in case of building damages or personal injury.

Provided in the insurance are common places like entrance halls or lifts. Airbnb insurance is mainly liability insurance that shields the host, property owner or homeowners association from lawsuits brought by a visitor to cover points like damage to the building or an injury endured throughout their vacation in the residence. There are numerous things, nevertheless, that are not covered by Airbnb insurance coverage.

The Airbnb Host Protection plan is just for liability as mentioned above. It does not consist of points such as property damage that is willful, instead of unintentional. Nor does it cover property damage such as mold and mildew or pollution. And it additionally does not cover loss of income. So envision if a flood or fire occurs throughout a guest's stay and you are unable to rent the room till mitigation is finished. Not having insurance coverage to compensate you for both damages to the home or loss of income can be devastating to your income.
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