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MacTel- Home Phone Services in Canada
Do you start counting minutes after saying Hello with a traditional landline? It's time to upgrade your phone service with MacTel Home Phone.

Let's start with VoIP; it's an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The changing time has decreased the usage of landline phones and replaced with VoIP, which ultimately increases the popularity of VoIP service providers. MacTel is a renowned name among the best VoIP phone service in Canada.

What makes MacTel unique?

No contract policy
A 7 day trial free home phoneservices
Free VoIP Canadacallservice from MacTel to MacTel and around the world
High-quality voice and stability
No hidden costs on calling features
Besthome phone deals

MacTel offers not only VoIP phones for home but also business VoIP Canada. can also make cheap international calls around the world. The rates vary from one country to another, but mostly, they are 1 cent per minute. MacTel offers an outstanding service that comes with a lower upfront cost and per annum charges.

Splendid features of the MacTelVoIP Home Phone Service
If you are seeking cheap home phone deals with remarkable features, look no further. MacTel provides the best VoIP phone services in Canada. These are some of the extraordinary features of the services.

The convenience of keeping your number for free
You can see the name and phone number of your caller on the phone.

Conference call
To save time, MacTel offers a conference call feature that allows customers to call up to 2 people at a time.

Call Forwarding
Are you busy to attend call? You can forward your incoming call to another selected number. You have an option to send your request to a landline, cell, or VoIP number.

Call Return
Did you miss a call? MacTel offers a call return option, which provides you with an opportunity to call back.

Do Not Disturb
Not Available to take a call? You can conveniently set your VoIP phone on Do Not Disturb mode. All the requests will be directed to your voicemail to listen at any time.

Customizing Caller ID
Don't you like your caller ID name? Customize your caller with their last name first.

Voicemail services
MacTel offers user-friendly voicemail systems. Your callers can leave an important message if you are not available. Also MacTel send voice message to the your email address for convenience.

Call Transfer service
Don't want to miss an important call? You can conveniently transfer the call to any landline, cell, or VoIP number. It's a convenient feature that will save time and don't leave any call unanswered.

Dialling 911
MacTel values its customer safety, and the internet phone comes with a911 emergency service.

Call Hold
The VoIP phone service comes with a call holding service. Now you can hold the call during a conversation without disconnecting.

Call waiting service

Are you a busy person? The VoIP phone service provides you with a call waiting option, which puts one caller on hold while you attend another call.

24/7 customer care center
MacTel prioritizes its valuable customers' concerns. Their expert team is available 24/7 on 416-408-3367.

Crystal clear sound
Do you hate internet calls because of the static voice and distortion? The highlight of the MacTel device is it's crystal clear voice. If you have high-speed internet, then the possibilities of sound issues are rare to none.

Refund Policy

MacTel offers refund policy to it’s customers. If after a 7 daytrial free VoIP calls you are not satisfied with the service you can refund all your money except the delivery charges.

Plan and costs
If you are looking for low fee home phone service, MacTel is your best and convenient option in terms of plans and cost. The service provider offers two subscription plans.

Monthly plan
Annual plan

Monthly Plan Structure

The monthly plan costs you CA $4.99 for one month.
Incoming numbers cost CA $1 for one month.
Rental for the phone adapter does not cost a dime.
Customers can enjoy more calling features.
One time activation fee of CA $29.99
The requirement of high-speed internet
Unlike other service providers, international call rates are reasonable.
For further information call the MacTelteam on 416-408-3367 or email at

Yearly plan structure

Yearly plan cost CA $39.99
Incoming numbers cost CA $10 per annum
Reasonable international call rates
Emergency services
One time activation fee of CA $15.00
Availability of more calling features

Renew service

Monthly plan $4.99| Yearly plan cost CA $39.99 | 3 Year plan cost CA $99
Incoming numbers cost CA $10 per annum

MacTel Installation

What's inside the box?

Phone adapter
Power code
Ethernet cable (Cat5)

What do you require?

High-speed internet

Installation process
Installing a MacTel device is simple and does not require any rocket science. All you need to know is how to plug in a cable. That's it!

The only step is to plug in the device through Cat5 cable into the internet modem or a router internet port. It will plug your analog phone into the RJ-11 portion the same way when you use the device with a computer.

You can now use your internet phone as you use the landline. The below image will give you a clear understanding of how the device works.

The promising part is you don't have to configure the device with special passwords or scanning. MacTel devices come with configuration, which means just plug in the device, and it's ready for action.

Customer Support service
MacTel has a competent and proficient customer support team. The comprehensive FAQ and Troubleshoot section of the website answers the general question; however, if your query is not entailed in the list, you can always consult the customer support team. Click on the help and support button and select Contact Us at the bottom of the screen. Complete the form and send it to moderators.

MacTel is just a phone call away for its customers. Their expert team is available 24/7 on 4164083367.

You can also send mail to their corporate office at:

Suite#702 1 Concorde Gate,

North York, ON M3C 3N6, Canada

All in all, MacTel offers a fantastic VoIP home phone service. The positive feedback and testimonies of the product are a clear indications of its effective working and durability. The crystal clear sound quality and low cost of call rates are the highlights of MacTel VoIP service provider. As a new customer, you can opt for the monthly plan and try out the outstanding device performance for a month. However, observing all the qualities and cheap international calls rate, it's recommended to opt for the annual plan. Why? It will save you about 25% cash and also no need to renew your subscription every month.

We assure you once you use MacTelVoIP home service, you will never get back to traditional landlines. High voice quality, low call rates, outstanding features, superb performance, and durable what else we need in a VoIP device. Open MacTel website and order your device online right now!

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