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About me
Hi, my name is Dorothy Kovacs, I am 43 years old, I work as an editor on , you'll discover my posts about clothes and accessories and bags. In addition, I like to test the newest cosmetics and personal care products. I discuss my observations in reviews and descriptions on the site. When I'm not busy with countless testimonials of new products, I spend some time with my loved ones or pursue my personal hobby.
I sew quite well and have observed lots of praise testimonials for me. Everyone who likes my products remains wondering why I haven't opened my shop up to now. As a child I often heard the term:"Do what you enjoy and you will not work daily in your lifetime. Adults often guided me to contemplate my interests or abilities as the foundation for a potential career. I grew up with this mindset. Now, however, rather than fantasizing a la Richard Scarry, painting and loving my leisure time, I guess of finding a more financially rewarding occupation. To put it differently, if you really do something well, market it.

This approach is particularly relevant for creative areas. Even commercially successful founders often complain that their life has turned into work. An unwritten fact is that those who are obsessed with their work are more worried and worried than people who arrive at job hellishly all of the time and take criticism to heart. Anybody who has ever attempted to earn money on what he really loves will know Kurtz. Folks don't agree to work for money . They are looking for a business which, along with earnings, will bring delight. It appears to be a logical desire, but there's a catch: when a hobby starts to earn money, it ceases to be a pastime and turns in an activity that needs a great deal of time, effort and focus. It's not essential to monetize your hobby, you can certainly do whatever you enjoy, just as you appreciate it.
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