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Payment Terms
Date of Last Revision: On January 19 2011 at 09:10 am
These Payment Terms govern all purchases made on Yuuby.
By purchasing on Yuuby, you agree to the following Payment Terms:
  1. By accepting these Payment Terms, you agree to respect the Terms of Use and Responsibilities. In the event of any conflict between these Payments Terms and our Terms of Use, the Payments Terms shall prevail.
  2. To make payments to Yuuby, you must be at least 18 years. If you are under the age of 18, you may make payments only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. You must also review these Payment Terms and Terms of Use and Responsibilities to make sure you both understand them.
  3. Please always check details of the transaction, the price quoted may include shipping, taxes and other expenses, which are to your charges too.
  4. When you confirm a transaction, the Payment Terms in place will govern this transaction.
  5. These Payment Terms may change, in whole or part, even if the changes affect the accumulated Credits.
  6. When we use the terms "sell", "order", "purchase" to describe a transaction related to appropriations or virtual gifts, this does not mean that we assign ownership.
  7. References to “us,” “we,” and “our” mean either Yuuby or our affiliates, as appropriate.
Making Purchases
  1. By validating a transaction on Yuuby, you agree to pay for that.
  2. We you approve a transaction, be sure you are ready to pay because all sales are final.
  3. If your order becomes unavailable before providing to you, we guarantee a refund of the purchase price.
  4. When you "purchase" a virtual gift on Yuuby, we commit to posting this gift and any accompanying message from you on the profile of the recipient's profile.
Payment Sources
You can make your purchases on Yuuby using a number of different payment sources. However, you must agree conditions:
  1. When you make a payment, you authorize us and our payment processor to charge the full amount to the payment source you designate for the transaction.
  2. You must have permissions for the selected payment. You required credit card confirmation for future purchases.
  3. If you pay by credit card or bank card, we may obtain a pre-approval from the issuer of the card for the amount of the transaction. We will bill your card at time or shortly after the purchase. If we cancel a transaction before completion, this pre-approval may result in your fund.
Purchasing and Using Credits
In order to "purchase" virtual goods, you may purchase Credits from Yuuby. You must also agree with the following conditions:
  1. When you purchase or receive Credits, you receive a limited right to use such Credits.
  2. Purchases of Credits are non-refundable.
  3. You may not transfer or resell your Credits to anyone outside Yuuby.
  4. The purchase price for Credits may change at any time.
  5. The purchase of Credit is not refundable.
  6. If you delete your account, you will lose any accumulated Credits. And, if you receive free or promotional Credits, we may cancel them at any time.
  7. If you deactivate your account, you keep your Credits.
Our Rights
To ensure safety for all users, we may take certain actions to reduce liability for users and us. This include the following:
  1. We may cancel any transaction if we believe the transaction violates these Payments Terms or the Terms of Use, or we believe doing so may prevent financial loss.
  2. We may disclose details of payments to third parties or authorities concerned, if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss.
  3. We may obtain data about your identity through your payment source issuer, if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss or a violation of law.
  4. We may cancel any payment sources to you if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss or a violation of law.
  5. We may cancel any credits in violation of these Payments Terms or the Terms of Use.
  6. We can take steps to recover funds if your payment methods don't allow us to gather funds or if your account is past due.
  7. You agree to pay all expenses associated with such collection, including reasonable attorneys' fees.
  8. Interest will accrue on any past due amounts at the rate of the lesser of 1% per month or the lawful maximum.
Special Provisions Applicable to Advertisers
  1. When you purchase advertising on Yuuby, you agree to pay all amounts specified in the order, along with any applicable taxes.
  2. You understand that you will be charged for any orders placed on or through your advertising account.
  3. You can cancel an advertising order at any time through our online portal. However, your ads may run for several days after you notify us, and you are still responsible for paying for those ads.
  4. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your advertising account, and you understand that you will be charged for any orders placed on or through your advertising account.
Notices and Amendments
  1. You agree that we may charge you administrative fees related to cancellation of payments, claims, fines, penalties, fees and other disbursements paid by us which were caused by or associated with payments you have authorized or accepted.
  2. We are not for any inconvenience.
  3. If an error occurred during a transaction, you can only ask to complete this transaction at a later date.
  4. If you detect any suspicious activity on your account, you must immediately notify us so we can take appropriate measures to prevent financial loss.