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Press Release
May 03, 2011 A New Way For Discovering and Sharing Web content
Because they felt it was missing on the web a powerful tool to allow both searching and sharing; Yuuby founders decided to create it. Bet winner since Yuuby is now more than 15,000 members across 14 countries in just 2 weeks!
Yuuby as You Bee – Yuuby is the best way for discovering and sharing on the web with friends! People use Yuuby to listen, read and comment various contents coming from major web content providers.
Yuuby co-founder and CEO, Mathieu Naouache, said: “Looking for music, video, photo or news was never so easy. From one place, you may search for music, video or news over the web without navigating from Yuuby. We are working hard to make Yuuby a more powerful searching and sharing place for people liking music and videos.“
Sharing is easy – From the search page, just one click to publish what you find and benefit other people. Each member may gather its favorite web content and then refine his artistic tastes.
Share social content – Thanks to license from iTunes, SoundCloud, Youtube, Flickr, Wikipedia and Google News, Yuuby users may search and share music, videos, photos, notes and news.
64 languages available – Yuuby is available in 64 languages opened for translation, including several right-to-left languages. People on Yuuby may improve the translation and help people around the world to discover a new way to share.
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