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Rosa T. BaucomOctober 20 2015 at 11:55 am
Ankle injuries can be a painful ordeal. Depending on the severity of the injury, limited range of motion may occur. Seeking a doctor for ankle injuries may require a specialist in the field. An orthopedic doctor for ankle injuries can provide the best treatment to return a patient to an active lifestyle.

An Injured Ankle

After an accident, pain is usually the first indicator of an ankle injury. A doctor for ankle injuries can determine the severity of the damage. The ankle joint consists of three bones: the tibia, fibula, and the talus. Breaking or damaging one or more of these bones will immediately show specific symptoms.

• With a broken or fractured ankle, the pain will be immediate and severe. Medical care should be sought as soon as possible.

• Swelling of the ankle area.

• A broken ankle may bruise instantly, especially when the ligaments in the area are torn or damaged. In some cases, the ankle may look deformed, which can be an indication of a fracture.

• The area may be tender or feel warm to the touch.

• The inability to put the smallest amount of weight or pressure on the ankle. If a person cannot walk without extreme pain, the ankle may be broken.

Non-Surgical Treatment

A doctor or health care provider may order a set of x-rays to determine the severity of the damage. If the ankle is badly sprained and not broke, non-surgical treatment options may help in the recovery process.

• Rest is the best way to help the healing process.

• Keep weight off the ankle as much as possible. The ankle injury may require a patient to take time off from work and other normal daily activities.

• Keep the ankle elevated to help in the reduction of swelling.

• Use ice on the injured area to reduce pain and swelling. The ice packs should be administered for 20 minutes every two hours unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.

• A splint may be prescribed by the doctor for ankle injuries. A splint can be worn for 1 to 3 weeks to help keep the foot immobilized while the swelling reduces.

• Over the counter and prescription drugs may be administered to help ease the pain and reduce swelling.

Surgical Options

Depending on the severity of the trauma, a doctor for ankle injuries may determine that surgery is the only option. A displaced fracture or the shifting of the ankle bones will usually result in surgery. An experienced doctor for ankle injuries will implement the less invasive surgery to help shorten the recovery process. Fixing broken bones and repairing tendons and ligaments may require a recovery period of up to 10 weeks.

Seeking medical assistance immediately for a painful ankle condition can help in the healing process. A doctor for ankle injuries will begin by determining the best course of action for the damaged area. Dr. Howard Marans, an Orange County ankle specialist, will assess the injuries to plan the best treatment program for an optimal outcome. Dr. Marans accepts PPO and will work with other insurance companies to provide the patient with the best care to return to a normal, pain free lifestyle. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.
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